Many of us keep our precious jewelry for years. Some also hand down their jewelry to their successors as an heirloom piece. Make sure that your precious jewelry undergoes a fair appraisal. Let Bradley T. Harris Jewelers perform the appraisal for you.

If you plan to have your jewelry insured, then you’ll need to have it appraised. You need to find out the value of your jewelry and keep a record of it. Let Bradley T. Harris Jewelers appraise it.

Bradley T. Harris is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and an AGS Registered Jeweler. This is your assurance that we’ll be fair and professional in our jewelry appraisals. We’ll include 2 copies of a fully descriptive document with a close up a detailed photograph of each piece of jewelry.

If y
ou need a jewelry appraisal service, contact us for an appointment. 

Bradley T. Harris Jewelers has over 30 years in the industry. We are full-service Atlanta jewelers for your fine jewelry needs. Custom jewelry designs, expert jewelry repairs, ring resizing, consultations, and appraisals. We can do it all for you!

Trust us in appraising your jewelry and we’ll do the job fairly and professionally.