Bradley T. Harris Jeweler/Goldsmith is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, American Gem Society, and GIA Alumni Association.

From fine diamonds, precious gemstones, platinum and karat gold jewelry, to custom designing, expert jewelry repairs, original designs, and jewelry appraisals, Bradley T. Harris is a full service jeweler for your every fine jewelry need in the Atlanta area. GIA certified in Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Gem Identification, and Colored Stones.

With over 30 years in the jewelry industry and 20 years in business, Bradley is ready to become your own Personal Jeweler.


We Look Foward to Seeing You

When you come in for a visit, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff. At Bradley T. Harris Jewelers, it’s important to us that
we create strong relationships with our customers. We want you to feel like we’ve done all we can to service your needs.

Our mission is service and quality. Come in and experience the difference, at Bradley T. Harris Jewelers.

  • I have been a customer of Brad’s for over ten years. I first came to him for a simple stone replacement and while admiring his showcase, I realized that so many of the striking pieces were Brad’s own designs. I have remained a customer because, in addition to his artisan sensibilities, his integrity is evident in the quality of the materials of his medium. I have come to be known affectionately as the “Harry Winston of Atlanta” because I love to let my family and friends borrow from my personal “showcase” of Bradley T. Harris originals.  A customer for life!
    Susan D. Liniere
  • I was so picky when it came to finding the perfect engagement ring, that I actually went ahead and got married without a ring. I searched for 6 months before finding Bradley T. Harris and am SO glad I did, or I would probably still be without a ring. I inherited my grandmother’s engagement ring diamond and went into the store armed with pictures of what I wanted. The ring Brad customized for me was even prettier than I had imagined! Brad was so easy to work with, totally got my vision and the quality of his craftsmanship is amazing, not to mention his prices are really reasonable. I get so many compliments on my ring. Brad and team Thank you so much for giving me the most perfect ring!
    Jacqueline Simony
  • After researching for months and searching for even more months, I happened to find exactly the engagement ring I was looking for with my new friends at Bradley T. Harris Jewelers. Brad and Nikki, not only did both of you immediately understand what I wanted and respond quickly with some options, your over-the-top customer service was very refreshing after what seemed an endless series of indifferent or apologetic chain store disappointments. I look forward to picking up my new ring soon and know it will be even more than she expects.
    Justin M. Waits
  • Thanks to Brad for being so kind, patient and helpful in the purchase of our wedding rings. We are very pleased with our choices of rings and jeweler. My wedding band you made from my grandfather’s ring is a constant reminder of him and his example in life. The restoration work on my mother-in-law’s pearl ring made all of the difference in the world. The pendant made from my wife’s grandmother’s engagement ring is unbelievable and admired by everyone. Your work is the best. Thanks again for all you have done on so many pieces for us. We wish you the best.
  • Great, great, great!! I don’t normally feel the need to write reviews, but Brad and his staff (Nicki) were so helpful, courteous and fair that I feel obligated to get their name out to anyone shopping for jewelry. I was engagement ring shopping for my fiancee, who wanted a design similar to one she saw on Of course that design was by an expensive jeweler out in LA and there were no reputable retailers in this area. I went online and read all the great reviews for BTH and decided to give it a go. When I went into BTH, Nicki showed me their stock, but none of the settings looked quite like what I wanted. She said that Brad could custom make the setting. I picked out a diamond there, went home and emailed a couple photos of settings my fiance liked, and then went back in to consult with Brad. He told me he could make a unique hybrid setting using the setting designs I’d sent him. What’s more – it only cost 1/4 of what it would have cost for one of those “designer” settings! Brad gave me the diamond I’d chosen in a temporary solitaire setting so I could propose immediately (I didn’t give him enough notice to have the custom one done in time – although to his credit he tried to have the custom one ready) and then re-set the diamond in the custom setting (which turned out beautiful!!!) once it was finished. As someone who has never shopped for jewelry in his life before, I was impressed with how easy BTH made everything. I felt like I got a great deal from a friendly, knowledgeable staff that had my best interests in mind – rare to find at some of those other jewelry stores. We’ll definitely be getting our wedding bands there. Brad has us now as customers for life.
    Matt Baum
  • Thank you Bradley for such a piece of art. Your detailed work and creativity made my engagement ring one of the most beautiful rings that I’ve ever seen. I show my ring off with pride and watch it sparkle like crazy! Thank you so much you’ve made this bride very happy!
    Dena Trakes
  • I recently met Brad through a friend of mine and decided to have a bracelet made using my husband’s stone from his wedding band. I was impressed by the customer service, the caring about what I was looking for, and the price. The knowledge is there, the expert work ethic is there, the eye for design is there, it’s a total package and I will pass them along to anyone looking for a one-on-one kind of experience if they need jewelry, a unique design, or any kind of work done.
  • I found Brad through the Internet, and have been buying jewelry from him for several years now – actually, my now husband and my sister also buy from Brad. I was so happy when, a year ago, my boyfriend went to Brad’s for my engagement ring. He had purchased a necklace from Brad for a Christmas gift before, and he knew how happy I was with the quality of the jewelry my sister and I had purchase from Brad and his great customer service. We bought our wedding rings from Brad, and I bought earrings for my wedding there. Brad has appraised jewelry and sized rings for me. He and Nikki provide the best customer experience and follow-up service. Brad is honest and I completely trust his opinions and products – his recommendations are always on the mark. I will be doing business for Brad for years to come and highly recommend him – he is our family jeweler.
    Diane F.
  • When I knew I wanted to ask my girlfriend to marry me, I searched everywhere for the perfect ring, but to no avail. I had been to Brad before and decided to go back. After going through just a couple of rings, I found the exact look I wanted. When I went to pick the ring up, Brad showed me the completed ring, but then interestingly got his magnifying glass out to show me something. To quote Brad, “You really can’t even see this with the naked eye, but I can’t let this leave my store in this condition.” With the eyepiece, I was able to see very fine hair like cracks in the band of the ring. Because the ring was hand made they had to make another. I remember thinking, if I had gone to a chain Jewelry store, I’m sure they wouldn’t have caught it, let alone stopped me from leaving with it. I was so impressed, I’ve probably told that story two dozen times. I came back and purchased her wedding band from Brad as well. Brad and Nikki are such a pleasure to work with.
    Robert Berris